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Embryo storage is the cryopreservation of a woman’s embryos for later use. To collect eggs, women are often administered fertility drugs to stimulate the ovaries into producing more eggs. The eggs can then be used in one of many different types of fertilization methods, and the resulting embryos frozen and stored for future treatment cycles or donation. If embryos are to be stored, they are cryopreserved by either the vitrification technique or the more conventional slow-freeze method and transferred to liquid nitrogen-filled tanks for long-term preservation.

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Embryo Storage Costs

The costs to collect and freeze embryos are in the $10,000-$15,000 (per cycle) range. Storage fees vary, depending on the storage facility, but are in the $350-$1,000 per year range.

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Embryo Storage FAQs

What is embryo freezing and storage? How long can frozen embryos be stored? Are frozen embryos fertilized? Find answers to theses questions and many more.

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Donation & Disposition

The reality of infertility can be devastating, For many couples, their only hope of achieving a full-term pregnancy begins with donated embryos.

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FAQS Reversal Of Roe vs Wade

FAQs – How Does The Reversal Of Roe Vs. Wade Affect Reproductive Tissue Storage? How will the reversal of Roe vs. Wade impact the storage of my embryos at ReproTech? For clients with embryos in storage at our Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota or Nevada locations, currently there is no impact to the storage of your embryos. …


February 19, 2020/ Source:  BBC Science Focus Magazine – For the first time, a baby was born from an egg that was matured in vitro then frozen. A baby is believed to be the first in the world to be born after eggs were taken from his mother and matured in a lab before being frozen, scientists …


Published: October 24, 2019 – ReproTech, Ltd. CEO, Brent Hazelrigg, contributed to this experiment and article in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction & Genetics that provided useful information about cryostorage tank performance after an induced vacuum failure. Assisted Reproduction Technologies Click here for the link to the abstract. Cryostorage tank failures: temperature and volume loss over time after induced failure …